How should I interpret the units of the different creature stats?

If you take a look at the stats of your best creatures, you‘ll see stats that might say something like

  • average speed: 2,64 m/s
  • weight: 19 kg

While I did use real SI units here I do need to point out that they don‘t mean the same within the simulator as they do in real life.

I had to change a few of the physics properties in order to keep the movement realistic while at the same time drastically reducing the number of exploding/glitching creatures. Gravity in the simulation is about five times higher than on earth and the creatures are actually huge if you were to build them in real life.

The reason why I decided to go with SI units - even though they don‘t accurately reflect the physics state in the simulation - is that they are familiar to people. Writing 2 m/s is easier for everybody to understand than 2 distance units / s or 18 weight units.

The bottom line is, use the creature stats to compare different creatures to each other. They work perfectly fine for that purpose. Don‘t try to figure out how the creature managed to reach the values under earth physics - you‘re not going to end up with values that make any sense.