What are the System Requirements to run Evolution?

Evolution is currently available for macOS, Windows, Linux*, iOS, Android and Web.

Miminum Versions:

  • Android 7.0
  • iOS 13

  • Tested on Windows 10
  • Tested on macOS 12.4

„Tested on“ doesn‘t mean that you need this version to run it. It‘s probably going to run on older operating systems as well, I just haven‘t tried.

Evolution requires quite a bit of computational power to run without significant slowdowns. It runs almost exclusively on the CPU.

You are going to want to have at least 1Gb of RAM, but even more is recommended if you are planning to run your simulations for a long time.

There are also no guarantees that Evolution is going to run fine on your hardware, even if it meets the requirements described above. Certain Android devices seem to randomly crash for reasons that are outside of my control. If you experience crashes, feel free to send me a crash log that I can look into for future updates.

*The Linux build is only available under the premise of limited support and features.